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How a Cardboard display work for Water Bottles?

With the hot summer coming, water bottles have become more and more popular with consumers and have become one of the best items sold in shopping malls in the season. How to make customers’ water cup products stand out among other related products, let us take an example today. Of course, the most important thing is the quality of the water cup product itself.

According to the PDQ instruction manual of Wal-Mart Supermarket, we have customized different styles of display solutions for customers.

The first is the Paper Counter Top PDQ Display Rack. According to the two-group sales promotion strategy launched by the guests, two display boxes are customized for customers. This display box organically combines the two functions of packaging protection and display. , The cup is stuck and fixed in the box through the upper and lower openings, which solves the problem that customers worry about being damaged by collision during transportation.

Paper Counter Top PDQ Display Rack
The second type is Corrugated Dump Bins Display. This kind of display rack is similar to a box. It can be empty to the bottom, or it can be installed with tic-tac-toe knife cards and pads. The height of the space for the product in the box is raised. The only difference is that it is different from the box. , On one side of the stack of boxes, install an eye-catching head card with product-related information, coupled with the product information printed on the stack itself, so that the stack of boxes plays a good role in display and promotion. This structure is suitable for scattered products without carton packaging.

Corrugated Dump Bins Display
The third type is the Pallet Display, which can be divided into 1/4 stacker (size 24*20*52″) and half stacker (size 48*20*52″) according to the size. And the full set of pile head (48*40*52″), the full set of pile head is usually composed of four 1/4 pile heads, and the bottom is fixed by a large bottom bracket. The inner support with holes is designed in the layer support, and the cup can be stuck well after being installed. This is usually suitable for products with a large number, or with a large number of styles and quantities.

1/4 Pallet Display QQ截图20210709160100 QQ截图20210709160110
The fourth type is the Cardboard Sidekick Display Unit, which is named after the hole on the back with S hooks to hang on other shelves in the supermarket. This type is usually relatively small and does not take many space.

Cardboard Sidekick Display Unit
The fifth type is the Freestanding Floor Standing Display. This type is similar to the 1/4 stacker, but the size is relatively small. The size is usually set within 15*10*60”.

Freestanding Floor Standing Display

In addition to the above-mentioned display solutions, do you have any other display designs that you want to achieve? Come to tell us right now. Raymin Display keen on making an unique Cardboard Display & Paper Packaging Solutions for you. You just need to show us your product( together with its package if it is individually packed) and how many pcs you want to put on one display unit. We will make a 3D layout sending to you for confirmation and then mock up samples to do test, to make sure everything correct before mass order production.

Post time: Jul-09-2021