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How Snack Food Use Cardboard Display For Seasons Promotion?

When it comes to Pringles, potato chips are probably all emerging. Yes, today we will take Pringles as an example to analyze the promotion applications of Cardboard Marketing Displays combined with different themes in the snack food industry.

1. Pringles’ application of Floor-standing Display Racks in paper shelves in daily life. As the flow of people in shopping malls is not large at this period, Pringles choose to make several moderate Floor-standing Display Rack Styles, all of which are shelf styles, from large to small sizes, which are convenient for store display. The background color is mainly red, or brick wall element is used. By adding some curved lines on the side panel or the head card, the Corrugated Display Stands looks more vivid and interesting, which is in line with the preferences of snack consumers.

2. Pop Up Display Stands for Pringles’ Christmas Holiday Season. At Christmas holiday, the shopping malls usually have a large number of people. Pringles choose to make some personalized Paper Pallet Displays for promotion. They are printed with Christmas trees, snowflakes, gifts, Christmas stockings and other elements, which adds a lot of festive atmosphere to the supermarket Christmas. Also attracted the attention of more consumers.

3. POS Display Stands for Pringles’ Chinese New Year period. Lion dance is a common way to celebrate the New Year in Southeast Asia. Therefore, they used lion dance, firecrackers and other New Year elements in the Pringles Potato Chips’ New Year promotion, which is a good combination of the traditional culture of Southeast Asian countries to make shopping malls It also adds to the taste of the year.


In addition, Pringles also boldly innovated in the structure of the paper shelf, breaking through the limitations, using corrugated cardboard to make a car shape, adding a lot of fun and highlights to the promotional activities. As a leading potato chip company, Pringles has used Paper Display Shelves to the extreme. Although it invests millions of dollars each year, it has brought it a 20% increase in sales.


If your product also belongs to a similar snack food, you can come to talk to us about your needs as well, we will do our best to customize a display program suitable for your product.





Post time: Jul-29-2021