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The Magical Use of the Sliding Buckle on the Cardboard Floor Display Stands

It has been 10 years since I entered the paper retail pos display industry in 2011. In these 10 years, China’s custom pop display industry has carried out a lot of technological innovations. The structure has changed from complex to simple, the style has changed from single to rich, and the material has changed from corrugated cardboard to KT board, the small parts used on the display stand are from nothing to something. Today we are going to discuss the magical function of the small part of the plastic slider on the display rack.
First of all, please follow the picture below to get to know what is a sliding buckle.


As you can see from the picture above, the sliding buckle consists of two parts, one is the clips and the other is the slidding buckle.  The clips are installed on two sides of the shelf of the display rack, and the sliding buckles are installed into the inner side of the two side panels of the display rack, corresponding to the position of the buckle on the each display shelf.
When using sliding buckles, we need to have all the shelves of the display rack glued and fixed well on the back panel of the display rack.when assembling the display rack, you only need to insert the clips on the left and right of the shelf sides into the buckles installed on both sides of the display rack.The assembled effect is as follows:

Some people may be worried, will the display stand be strong enough by simply relying on the sliding buckle? Can it bear heavier weight? Below picute is the answer.

It can be seen that this display rack are full of Coco Cola bottles or Tins, and the drink is relatively heavy, so we can get a definite answer to the concerns about the firmness of the previous display rack. 

Of course, some customers are still more worried about whether the display rack will be crushed if such a heavy object is placed for a long time. To this end, we have other solutions, which is to add iron pipes under each layer of boxes. According to the weight of the products placed on each layer, we can choose to add one or two iron pipes to help support the product weight.
Sliding buckle-style pos display shelf are very popular with customers nowadays because they are easy to assemble and save time.




Post time: Jul-14-2021