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The Application of Paper Display at the Beverage Industry

For fast-moving consumer goods such as beverages, Cardboard Display has become one of the best choice for many beverage manufacturers due to their variable structure, easy installation, and convenient handling.

4 Tier Brewery Freestanding Floor Paper FSDU for Beer Promotion

From a structural point of view, the number of display shelves can be changed according to demand, or you can choose to display on both sides, if there is a large number of beverage products you need to display. If it is displayed on one side to load double quantity of breweries, it means we need to double the width, which is not conducive to the load-bearing of the display rack as it is corrugated cardboard material. While choosing a double-sided display only needs to deepen the depth of the display rack, which is conducive to the stable standing of the display rack.

Advertising Cardboard Point of Sale Paper Display For Beers or Energy Drinks

From the appearance point of view, the corrugated display stand can be made into a counter top display if there is only small space to display, it can be made into a floor standing FSDU if you want to make it attractive and outstanding, and it can be made into a stacakble PDQs if can bve quickly saled. No matter which option, the beverage display rack can be well controlled. You can decide to use which type to do your beer promotion display based on your retail market demand. 

Self Heats Drinks Freestanding Display Unit for Drinks Retail

From the material point of view, the display rack can eigther use B flute high-strength core corrugated as the material, if it is floor display, dump bins and sidekick display. Or BE double flute high-strength core corrugated as the material, if it is big pallet display. All is depending on the load-bearing requirements of the paper stand.


As its well understood, the corrugated display stand need to serve the products well. If the retailers received and found it very difficult to assemble, it won’t be warmly welcomed. If the Beverage is very hard to taken out, it’s also cannot be liked by the consumer. We need to consider all these points before realizing the POS design, and try to make it best fit.

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Post time: Sep-30-2021