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What are the advantages of using paper display stands for cosmetics?

The cosmetics industry has also begun to use paper display stands as a tool for terminal display marketing, so what are the advantages of using paper display stands for cosmetics? Let me just say a few points:

1. Green and environmental protection: Paper display racks meet the requirements of international environmental protection organizations and are green and environmentally friendly products. Discarded paper display racks can be recycled and reused by dissolving pulp. This is an international trend, import and export are exempt from inspection, and procedures are simplified. Cosmetics also pursue green environmental protection. The concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, so the use of paper display racks for cosmetics conforms to the needs of the development of the times.

4. Advertising: Paper display racks have advertising value. If marketing was a language art! Then use media to disseminate information, that is visual art! The most intuitive medium to convey visual information to consumers is the POP advertising tool – paper display stand. On the surface of the paper display stand, you can design copywriting and slogans that meet the personality of the cosmetics. Printing on the paper display stand looks exquisite, highlighting the charm of cosmetics, and attracting bees and butterflies, that is, POP advertising benefits. The publicity of the paper display stand can create a cosmetics company brand at the terminal, improve the corporate image, and create high sales.

2. High quality and low price: Compared with similar metal display racks, wooden display racks, and plexiglass display racks, the value of paper display racks is the same or better, and it can be used in conjunction with other materials. , but the price is far lower than products of similar materials.

5. Fast and convenient: When cosmetics need to be displayed at the terminal, among the similar display equipment, the paper display stand is the smallest and lightest, and it can be disassembled and folded. A complete set of paper stands can be packed in the same box to ensure that the store Easy to install. In terms of freight, it has an unparalleled advantage. The paper display stand is packed in a standard cabinet with a cardboard box, which can maximize the use of space, will not cause space waste, save logistics costs, and reduce the impact of cosmetics caused by irregularities. Damage ensures the integrity and aesthetics of each product, not to mention storage, it should be placed and easy to move.

3. Flexible personality: As the trend of cosmetics is updated, the tools for loading them are also updated. Then the flexibility and individual characteristics of the paper display stand can be tailored according to the product, with ever-changing flexible loading and ingenious collocation. It is also possible to develop puzzles and create new styles of cosmetics under the permission of technology, with strong freedom.

Post time: Dec-21-2022