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What is FSDU?

Raymin Display

Cardboard Display Stands, namely Free Standing Display Units (FSDUs) are the perfect way to create a fully branded oasis within a crowded retail environment. Your product can shine without the surrounding clutter of rival brands, and you can guarantee your product will always be presented in the same way due to the unique design of the stand. Paper FSDU is simply another term used to describe a free-standing cardboard display unit. We use premium grades of card, build strength into the key strain points, use special moisture-resistant coatings, etc. Helping you to stand out from the crowd, custom-built FSDU stands greatly promote impulse buying and assist consumers in selecting the product amidst an abundance of alternatives. Isle end stands are particularly sought after, and Raymin Display will work with you and the retailer every step of the way to ensure you achieve this. FSDU Design Services is with a custom designed FSDU, you have full control of how your product is presented to your potential customers.

Pallet Display

Some of our clients are able to send us finished artwork, set-out on a cutter guide template for their display stand, that is virtually print-ready. However these clients are very much in the minority, so we offer differing levels of design service according to your requirements: Our service includes an initial consultation to assess your ideas (after all you know best what you want to achieve and the requirements of your target clients), we then create a practical, strong, easy-to-assemble template (which is of course our area of expertise as that’s what we do all-day every-day). We can then send you a 3D visual of how this will look, and if you are happy with this, we then send you a template for the printable areas of the stand for you to set out your artwork onto. Once we have this back from you we will then create a further 3D visual including the print design. If required, a physical prototype can be produced and sent to you at any stage during the design process, this is a chargeable extra, however, usually all or part of this charge will be credited later when you go ahead with the bulk order for a number of cardboard display stands. We also design the print graphics to go on the stand, using any images/logos/text you may supply, we’ll take your suggestions on how it should look and work with these.

Power Wing Display


However, if you want to give us a free hand we’ll add in a few extra features you may not have thought of and create something really stunning that sells hard for you and promotes your brand image. If you don’t have a specific idea in mind how the stand should look, then as part of our 4-star design service we can create a brand-new design concept from scratch, to display your items in the most effective and practical way. Our design service includes that we will not only discuss your needs very carefully, but we will conduct in-depth market research on your behalf, speaking to both the retailers and the potential end users you are trying to reach as needed, to assess the retailers requirements and the desires and motivation drivers of your target audience. We will then present back to you the results of our research and our proposals leading out from the data collected, to check it fits with your industry knowledge and the goals you wanted to achieve with the FSDU display unit.

Counter Top Display Unit

As well as being beautiful or striking to look at; all of our floor standing display designs incorporate many practical design features, your requirements for needing an FSDU that is easy to assemble, stable, strong, and durable, are all carefully considered. All we do is usually affiliated with our tenet ” Buyer to start with, Belief to start with, devoting about the food packaging and environmental defense for Reasonable price for China Supermarket Promotional Custom Pop Counter Top Display, In a word, when you choose us, you choose a ideal life. Welcome to go to our manufacturing unit and welcome your get!  For further more inquiries, remember to usually do not be reluctant to get in touch with us.

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