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What Paper Do We Usually Use for Rigid Box?

In our daily life, we see different appearances of gift boxes, and there are many types. For quality packaging boxes, if you want to improve its texture, you can consider from the aspects of cover paper material, inner interlayer, and inner lining. Of course, the unique structural design can also add points to the texture of the gift box. Today we start with the face paper of the gift box as the first discussion on how to improve the texture of the Rigid box.

1. Coated paper

This is including gray copper, cupronickel, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc. Among them, “white board with white background” refers to cupronickel and single copper. The common feature of both cupronickel and single tube paper is that the front and back sides are white. The difference between white copper and double copper is that “white copper” is smooth on one side and not smooth on the other. In other words, the front side can be printed, but the reverse side cannot be printed. Which “monocular”? The “single cylinder” has coating surfaces on both sides, and both sides can be printed.

2. Gray board paper

There are two types of gray board paper, gray bottom gray board: do not need to be printed on the packaging box; gray bottom white board: it is the so-called “gray board paper”, that is, the front side is white and can be printed, but the back side is gray. For printing, the general white card is also the “white background and white board” paper, which is just the abbreviation for general quotation (except for special white cards, such as platinum cards and silver cards). White cardboard is better, the price is slightly more expensive, but the texture and hardness are enough, again I ordered the white “white board paper” on a gray background. White card, white board, leather card,

①Powder board paper, one side is white, the other side is gray, the price is lower, the double-powder paper is white on both sides, and the price is high.

②Decide the material of the color box according to the shape and size of the product. Commonly used materials are: 280g powder gray paper, 300g powder gray paper, 350g powder gray paper, 250g powder gray paper mounting E flute, 250g double powder paper mounting E flute.

3. Specialty paper

There are: leather-filled paper series, velvet series, gift packaging series, two-color pearlescent series, pearlescent paper series, two-color bright surface series, bright surface series, wrapping paper series, matte black card series, virgin color series, Lishi sealing paper series. For quality 

Leather-filled paper series for Watch Box Velvet Paper series for Quality Box Pearlescent paper series for Cosmetic Box Bright surface paper series for Jewelry Box Matt Black Paper series for Virgin color Paper series for Rigid Box


Post time: Oct-11-2021