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About Us

Raymin Display specializes in customized R&D, manufacturing and sales of paper display stands, gift boxes and other display packaging solutions. So far, we have served more than one thousand domestic and foreign customers. From product packaging to product display, we always take customer needs as the leading factor and combine reality to tailor a unique product display packaging program. For orders that are sold overseas, taking into account the labor cost of the customer’s country, we also provide a sound packaging plan, customize the plug box, corner protection and card board for each order, to ensure that the three-dimensional assembly of the product display rack after shipping It can still reach the customer's designated store intact. The product applications provided by our company include shops, supermarkets, exhibitions, hotels and other public places. Raymin Display insists on people-oriented, encourages innovation, and does its best to provide customers with convenient installation, practical and efficient packaging and display solutions.

Looking to the future, Raymin Display will adhere to the industry breakthrough as the leading development strategy, continue to strengthen technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation as the core of the innovation system, and strive to provide global customers with the most suitable packaging and display solutions.

♦ Our corporate culture

Since the establishment of Raymin Display in 2012, our production and R&D team has grown from a small group to 300+ people. The area of ​​the factory has expanded to 50.000 square meters, and the turnover in 2019 has reached 25.000.000 US dollars in one fell swoop. Now we have become a company with a certain scale, which is closely related to our company's corporate culture:

1. Thought system
The core concept is "people-oriented, customer first".
The corporate mission is "Win-win cooperation and perfect service."

2. Main Features
Dare to innovate: The primary characteristic is to dare to venture, dare to try, dare to think and do.
Uphold integrity: Uphold integrity is the core feature of Raymin Display.
Caring for employees: invest 10 million yuan every year for employee training, set up a staff canteen, and provide employees with three meals a day for free.
Do our best: Raymin Display has a great vision, requires extremely high work standards, and pursues "making all solutions into quality products.。


♦ Company Development Timeline

2012 Founded.

2013 The company reached an agreement with Guangdong Fungo Printing Co., Ltd. and became its business partner.

2016 The company's R&D team has developed a one-second display stand solution, which has been widely loved and recognized by customers.

2018 The company has passed BSCI certification and obtained Disney printing and packaging product manufacturing authorization.

2019 The company introduced the GMI color management system to provide customers with high-quality printing and color matching services to ensure that its brand colors are in the best state.

2020 The company’s original 3 printing machines, 3 automatic cutting machines, 3 automatic paper laminating machines, 1 CTP publishing machine, 1 gluing machine, 2 automatic box gluing machines, and 1 cutting prototype machine. A flexo ink printing machine was added on the basis.

♦ Why Choose Us

1. Modernized Standard Factory Building: We have a workshop of more than 50,000 square meters, equipped with a complete set of production and manufacturing machine, from printing to box gluing.

2. Experience: Over 20 years of producing experience in cardboard display and quality paper packaging experience. We are also good at assembling and packaging products for display racks, to help customer save labor cost at their side.

3. Certificates Audit: ISO9001, FSC, BSCI, Disney, Walmart

4. Quality assurance: We use GMI color management system for color matching; and use testing machines for edge pressure and bursting force of cardboard.

5. Modern production chain: Advanced automated production equipment workshop, including one-stop production equipment for mold making, printing, surface treatment, mounting, laminating and gluing.

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