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  • What are the advantages of using paper display stands for cosmetics?

    The cosmetics industry has also begun to use paper display stands as a tool for terminal display marketing, so what are the advantages of using paper display stands for cosmetics? Let me just say a few points: 1. Green and environmental protection: Paper display racks meet the requirements of int...
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  • From these points, make display stands and paper display stands!

    In the display stand series, the paper shelf is a kind of paper product, which is a display stand made of cardboard. Paper display stands of various shapes can often be found in major supermarkets, shopping malls, and some large-scale event sites and exhibitions. Many brand merchants use paper di...
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  • Use and maintenance of paper shelves

    Being able to make full use of and maintain the paper shelves so that they can play the greatest role can not only return benefits to merchants, but also provide customers with a good shopping atmosphere, promote customers’ desire to buy, and directly bring benefits to merchants. Therefore,...
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  • What to pay attention to when buying display shelves

    The paper shelf acts as a silent promoter at the terminal, so it is very important to choose a suitable paper shelf display box to sell your own products. Choose iron, wood or paper shelves for different consumer groups, product categories, and store space. If it is only for display products, you...
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  • Little knowledge of paper display stand

    As a marketing tool, paper display stands (paper display stands) developed along with POP advertising. It has the advantages of green environmental protection, convenient transportation, and quick assembly. It can be placed in the sales place and can play the role of displaying goods, conveying i...
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  • Advantages of cardboard display racks

    Advantages of cardboard display racks

    A variety of materials can be made into display stands, such as wood, metal, acrylic, chevron board, corrugated paper, plastic, etc. But not every material can be used as an advertising carrier to convey product information and increase product sales. The cardboard display stand is environmentall...
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  • Jewelry Packaging Box Increases Jewelry Sales

    According to the survey, more than 70% of consumers feel that jewelry packaging boxes can affect their desire to buy. In the process of customizing jewelry packaging boxes, in addition to the protection, the marketing of the packaging boxes should also be considered, especially Online shopping, t...
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  • Tell you how to improve the grade of the display stand in one move

    Different from wooden and acrylic display stands, metal display stands have no obvious fashion elements. If the color is single, it will appear more old-fashioned. Therefore, designers try to design the metal display stand into the style of iron wire to make the display stand look more flexible. ...
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  • What are the common classifications of cardboard?

    1. Cardboard for industrial technology: such as asphalt waterproof cardboard, electrical insulating cardboard, etc. Asphalt waterproof cardboard: It is a kind of construction cardboard used to replace slats and plaster when building houses. Electrical insulating cardboard: It is an electrical car...
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  • Things We Need to Consider Before Designing Cardboard Display

    Things We Need to Consider Before Designing Cardboard Display

      What style of a display are you interested in? A. Pallet Display Pallet displays are a ready-to-sell merchandising option that often arrive in the retail setting without the need for unpacking or special set-up.They create a major billboard opportunity that naturally attracts the consumer. Thes...
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  • The Introduction of Walmart Standard PDQ Display Rules

    The Introduction of Walmart Standard PDQ Display Rules

    Rule 1 – Passing Information The message displayed on the PDQ display must bemake an impact. Information must be clear, concise,and effectively engage customers through education,Inspiration or demonstration. it has to target the customer needs and complements Walmart’s tone and voice...
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  • The Exit Strategy of PDQ Displays in Walmart

    The Exit Strategy of PDQ Displays in Walmart

    Developing an exit strategy for SRP/PDQ shows that it is necessary to actually start at the design stage. Design displays with proper sizing in mind and focus on using recyclable materials to provide materials wherever possible to support Walmart’s commitment to sustainability. Walmart stor...
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