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From these points, make display stands and paper display stands!

In the display stand series, the paper shelf is a kind of paper product, which is a display stand made of cardboard. Paper display stands of various shapes can often be found in major supermarkets, shopping malls, and some large-scale event sites and exhibitions. Many brand merchants use paper display racks as a conventional display prop for promotional items. Whether it is launched as a new product, or a festival event promotion, or a paper display rack for promotional activities, they have achieved good results. The brand image of the store, creating a festive atmosphere, and driving product sales are of great help. So what are the main points of the production process of the paper display rack in the display rack?

1. Design

The first step in making a paper display rack is to make a corresponding design draft according to the product. Enterprise designers have good spatial thinking and are familiar with 3D structure work. In the design process, the bearing capacity and space area of ​​the paper holder should be calculated according to the weight, volume and height of the placed product.

2. Sample

Corrugated cardboard is usually used as the production material of the paper frame, and the designed structure drawing data is input into the computer program of the cutting machine. According to the data requirements of indentation strength and half-cut depth in the structure diagram, the cutting machine will make a standard paper frame plan on non-printed corrugated paper, and then the designer will use glue and other processing techniques to make the plan into a 3D display stand.

3. Printing

When making a paper display stand, the glossy surface has no pattern. The design department can print the paper display stand according to customer needs, highlight the personality and charm of the paper display stand, and print it on the printing machine according to the graphic design draft of the paper shelf (paper display stand) sample.

4. Post process

Printing colored paper over gloss glue, decorative paper (printing paper corrugated paper), oil over, indentation.

5. Packaging

Assemble and strengthen the semi-finished paper display rack, and then you can place the product and finish it.

The paper display stand is the most common, most frequently used and most widely used display prop in the display stand. Choosing a professional display prop production company will do more with less for the long-term development of the company.

Post time: Dec-05-2022