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Walmart pdq display rack quick customization

Re the design of this pallet display, customer didn't have clear requirements at the beginning, and what we had from him is the Walmart  Packaging Standards Guideline. Customer had no idea at all on how to display their party products. They just told us what would be displayed on this unit. 

As we had engineer team know Walmart Display Requirements very well, We quickly developed a 3D render for their reference. 

After several runs of checking the Guideline and confirming with the customer, we finally confirmed the size, and sent the die line templates to the customer for artwork design. Customer usually needs to take 5 days around to finish their artwork design. The artwork should be AI or PDF file.After receiving the artwork, we will quick check if any fonts missing, and will send back an approval for customer to final check before mocking up sample.


After the customer provides the design artwork, our company made out a color sample for the customer to confirm. As Walmart has a high requirement on color, they provided a color approval for us to follow the color when making the sample. The factory needs to track the color as close as possible to the color sample provided. With GMI color checking system executed, we can make sure the color be tracked nearly 98%.

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We strictly implements the GMI color management system during the printing process to ensure the stability of color in each batch printing process. This not only help the color of each part fit well, but also control the color difference between the new and the old printing.

A good printer is a good quality controler on each steps of cardboard display mass production. We not only care about the printing, but also care about if its material was strong enough to hold the product weight. A white sample would work a lot for customer to do test. We offer white samples for free, and a pre-order white sample for following structure was also workable.

The production team can check if everything was correct accordingly. They can quick found out if any mistakes here. We also will assemble the display out to make sure everything is correct, before it delivered to customer.