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Harry Potter / Disney Classics / Friends FSDU Fullfillment

If you ask me my favorite cartoon when I was a kid, I will blurt out the answer: "Bambi". If you ask me my favorite American TV show in high school, my first reaction is: "Friends". If you ask about my favorite magic movie, I can't help but answer: "Harry Potter". The works presented by Disney and Warner to the public have always been regarded as classics. Although these are very long memories for us in 2021, if you see small gifts with related elements placed on the supermarket shelves, I believe that you will still be unable to restrain your inner excitement and joy, and want to buy One to take home. 

Over the years, Australia Target has been doing this. Thanks to them, bringing classic things into the public's field of vision once again, let us have endless aftertastes. Cups, notebooks, playing cards, bedside lamps, pillows, these seemingly unrelated products, are cleverly combined because of the same theme. Our engineers, according to the product size provided by the customer, and the number of products to be placed for each product, integrate more than a dozen completely different products on a paper display rack.

Can you imagine what kind of effect this is?

At the beginning of the design, there are many factors that we need to consider. One is the weight of the product. We need to arrange the heaviest product on the bottom two layers to ensure that the product will not be damaged during transportation and the display rack will not be damaged. Deformed. Second, there should be as little space as possible after the products are placed on each layer to ensure that the display rack is not very empty when viewed from the front. Third, all the gaps after the product is placed need to be filled with corresponding plug boxes to ensure that there is no space for the product to move. The fourth is the firmness of the display rack. It is necessary to rely on paper corners and paper card boards for packaging to ensure that the bottom display rack will not be crushed when the display rack is stacked.For this reason, we designed a display rack structure with folded edges on the side to increase The load-bearing performance of the display rack.

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