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Use and maintenance of paper shelves

Being able to make full use of and maintain the paper shelves so that they can play the greatest role can not only return benefits to merchants, but also provide customers with a good shopping atmosphere, promote customers’ desire to buy, and directly bring benefits to merchants. Therefore, it is necessary to use the paper shelf correctly and maintain it well. Regular maintenance can prolong the service life of the paper shelf and make it more profitable in the terminal promotion. Yacai paper shelf company He Sen believes that the use and maintenance of paper shelves should pay attention to the following points:

The first point: the paper shelf should be moisture-proof. The paper shelf is all made of paper. When the paper shelf gets wet, it will become soft and deformed, which is the most fatal injury. Therefore, when the paper shelf is placed, it should not be placed against the fresh area, nor should it be placed near an air-conditioned place. If the paper shelf is damp, it should be dried with a rag in time to prevent it from penetrating into the paper. You may have such a question, damp Isn’t it just softened directly? Yes, it’s just that there is a layer of film or UV varnish attached to the surface of the paper shelf, which has a certain waterproof effect. paper display rack

The second point: the paper shelf should not be overloaded during use. The paper shelf has its maximum load, and it has been doomed when it is designed, so don’t force it to load during use, so as to avoid deformation, cracking and other situations.

The third point: During the use of the paper shelf, it is strictly forbidden to place super high and super wide products, which will cause damage to the paper shelf to a certain extent, and the size of the product is also determined by the design.

The fourth point: the paper shelf has already placed the goods in the store, so it is not suitable to move around. If you need to move the goods, take them down or place horizontal things on them, and then move them in a smooth manner. Take care to avoid impact .

Fifth point: regular cleaning, only paper shelves with a neat and clean appearance can attract more consumers.

Post time: Nov-18-2022