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How to choose a paper display stand manufacturer

Paper shelf/paper display stand/paper pile head has many advantages such as economical and practical, free design, flexible and beautiful pattern and color, high advertising carrying effect, convenient transportation and packaging, environmental protection, etc., and has been accepted by all walks of life. After more than 10 years of development in the paper display stand industry, many paper display stand manufacturers have emerged all over the country. How to find a good paper display stand manufacturer has become a problem faced by many customers. The following is Guangfeng Display’s experience in making paper display racks for many years, for your reference:

1. There are so many manufacturers of paper display stands, why not every one can make paper display stands? A very important reason is that the structure of the paper display stand is complex. Structural design is the soul of the paper display stand. The shape is ever-changing. It is a difficult problem to realize it with paper. In addition, the paper needs to realize the load-bearing, so the structural requirements are very high. So to make a high-quality paper display stand, you must have a good structural designer. Structural design software is also very important. A good software can get twice the result with half the effort.

2. Equipped with computer automatic proofing machine, it improves the efficiency of proofing and has outstanding advantages in structural optimization. It usually takes only 1 to 2 days for us to proof a paper display stand, and it takes about 3 days for a complicated one. Most of those who can’t deliver the samples in a few days don’t have a proofing machine. Such factories don’t have time to optimize the structure, and the things they produce will not be very good, especially when making those stack heads with complex structures.

3. The quality of the structural design directly affects the quality of the display racks produced. Paper is not like wood and iron, what it looks like after proofing is what it is produced. When the paper display stand is proofed, the paper has already been mounted and flattened, and the proofing effect is generally very good. Many customers feel very good when they receive the samples, but usually some manufacturers produce garbage, which not only fails to achieve the effect that the paper display stand should have, but affects the company’s image. In fact, when designing the structure of the paper display stand, it is necessary to consider the deformation during the production process, and also depends on the attitude of the owner of the manufacturer, because the quality of the material directly affects the deformation and the load-bearing capacity of the shelf. Now a lot of people are quoting this material, stealing the material for production, trying to reduce costs and earn more, but in the end the gain outweighs the loss. Therefore, I advise all major customers that the price is definitely not the standard for whom you place an order, and you must have a sharp eye.

4. Factory site. The volume of the paper display stand is relatively large, 100~200 sets will take up a container, and the required site area should be at least 1,000 square meters.

5. There are not many production equipments, only one 1800mm and one 1200mm die-cutting machine, one mounting machine and one glue machine, one set of equipment for making beer boards is enough, but now the laser cutting dies are on the market The price is not high, we usually use laser die cutting, because the efficiency of laser die cutting is very high, generally we send more than 20 square meters to the die cutting factory, it only takes one day to complete it, and it takes at least four to five days for manpower. In addition, the precision of the laser cutting die is very high, and the products made will be better than those made by the proofing machine.

6. The arrangement of the production process, whether a company’s production process is smooth or not directly affects the delivery time.

7. As for production, it is very important to have an experienced factory manager, because there are many accessories for paper display stands, and the factory manager is responsible for the arrangement and quality control of each part. If the factory manager is inexperienced, the shelves made will be completely out of shape, because during the process of the glue drying process, how well the cardboard is pressed, how much is pressed, and how much is pressed each time is very particular. There must be someone doing quality control during production. There is a large factory that was the first to develop the domestic market in the industry, and it is relatively large, but there is no quality control, and the things produced now are almost the same as those of inexperienced factories.

8. It is a lie to say that a factory specializing in paper display racks is equipped with a printing machine, and it is usually just sent outside for printing. The amount of paper display racks is not large, and it is unrealistic to have a special printing machine and a special cardboard line.

The above is the experience summarized by Guangfeng, hoping to play a role in attracting jade.

Post time: May-04-2023