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Why Cardboard Insert is more and more popular in the world?

As environmental protection has increasingly become the theme of today’s world, in order to reduce the pollution of white waste, the use of packaging materials that can be naturally degraded has become an urgent need. The application of Cardboard Insert is precisely in line with a major trend of the times.

Depending on the packaged product, there will be different insert structures you can use. Mainly divided into the following categories:
1. The insert made of white cardboard, and the product is installed with a hole. This kind of Paper Insert is mainly suitable for relatively regular products with larger size and higher height. Such as digital products, such as speakers.

2. Crossing dividers composed of folded cardboard. The inner tray of this structure is suitable for packaged products, and several products of the same size need to be packed into a box, such as a mobile phone case.

3. Crossing-egg grid composed of corrugated cardboard. The inner support of this structure is mainly suitable for products with ball or egg shapes, and products with irregular sizes, such as Kinder’s chocolate eggs.




4. For large quantity and constantly demand packagings, we will suggest to use Biodegradable Pulp Insert instead, as you can make a mould to save cost. This will be cheaper than made by other cardboard material.



For the Cardboard Insert, the customer’s demand is mostly to fix the product and prevent it from having room for movement in the package. Therefore, when designing the inner support structure, this is the most important point to consider. For the paper inner support, we cannot make it like a plastic inner support. After the product is installed, the inner support can effectively jam the product. Therefore, when using the paper inner support, we also need to combine the height of the packaging box. The paper inner support is not malleable like plastic, nor is it flexible like sponge. It can only fix the product on parallel surfaces without moving left and right. Therefore, only when the height of the outer packaging box is exactly the same as the height of the product after packaging, can it be ensured that the product will not run up and down inside.


Raymin Display is dedicated to design the cardboard insert to protect your products from being damaged. Welcome to check with us. We will try our best to satisfy you.



Post time: Jul-26-2021